The Free CD Experience

Welcome to my little shop, so far there are only my two CDs, made with so much love and passion.

Ho una buona notizia: ho deciso di fare una politica “commerciale” abbastanza unica. In inglese la chiamano “The Free CD Experience”.

How does it work? The concept is simple yet revolutionary: select your favorite CDs, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout. The only mandatory cost you'll encounter is the shipping fee, you'll pay the CDs... as much (little) as you want!! Even nothing, zero, nada. Yes, you read correctly, that's right, you set the price for the CD and it can even be just nothing, because the most important thing for me is that my music reaches its destination, you.

So, happy shopping and, above all, good music!


Suggested Price 12,00 

Le mie stagioni colorate

Suggested Price 10,00